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There are plenty of kids like you who have had ideas and gone on to turn them into successful businesses. We've interviewed a few so you could hear their stories.

Ippy's Picture

Ibtihaj "Ippy" Amatal-Wadud

Business: Ippy's Islamic Fashions

As a devout Muslim young woman, Ippy needed a wardrobe that was more modestly styled than the clothes offered at most American stores... more...

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Justin Avery Anderson

Business: Anderson Trial

Justin Anderson produces and distributes Anderson Trail "The Original Premium Moist Granola.' Justin's inspiration to start a granola business came during a vacation with his best friend during his freshman year.... more...

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Maryanne Barrott

Business: Maryanne's Own Bodycare Essentials

Maryanne was 15 and a junior when she established her skin care business. The company began with her interest in business and body care.. more...

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Brandon Griffin

Business: BLG Publishing, Quality Web Solutions and FyeBye

At the age of ten, Brandon L. Griffin discovered his hobby in web page design. At the age of 12, Brandon turned that hobby into his first moneymaking business, Quality Web Solutions.. more...

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Rebecca (Becca) Robison

Business: No Boundaries, Science Camps for Girls

Becca is the perfect example of a girl who knows how to turn a dream into reality, and then share that dream with others. At just 10 years old, she started her very own space camp for girls called, AstroTots... more...

Jeff's Picture

Jeff Livney

Business: Livney & Partners (parent company of Piko Zoom)

Piko Zoom, the company founded by Jeff Livney when he was a senior at the Woodlands High School 2004, has designed Web sites, business cards, letterheads and logos for more than 50 customers to date... more...

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Josh Moore

Business: Personal Affections

Joshua Moore is an inventor at heart, but he realized he needed money to develop his invention, the Stroller Stopper. So he launched Personal Affections,.. more...

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Jason O'Neill

Business: Pencil Bugs

Jason was 10 years old when he started his business. He was searching for an idea for a product that he could sell at a local craft fair... more...

Shreyans' Picture

Shreyans Parekh

Business: Koyal Wholesale, Inc.

Shreyans Parekh began his career as an entrepreneur in 2003, co-founding a wholesale party and wedding supply company, Koyal Wholesale... more...

Karen's Picture

Karen Radewald

Business: Um Yeah, Inc.

High School Senior Karen Radewald's custom jewelry has become a worldwide sensation. Her company, Um Yeah, Inc., sells jewelry made from vintage bottle caps, antique keys, and other found objects... more...

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Ilana Rothbein

Business: Chores-For-Charity

Chores-For-Charity was started by Ilana Rothbein when she was a high school student to create awareness about epilepsy and raise money for epilepsy research as her older brother Paul was struggling with seizures... more...

Anthony's Picture

Anthony Schwager

Business: Anthony's Kansas Honey

When Anthony was in third grade, he saw a video about honey bees at school. He thought it was one of the coolest things he had ever seen, so he came home and announced to his parents that he wanted to get some bees to add to the family farm... more...

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