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A Roadmap to Help Kids Find Their Entrepreneurial Spirit

For Ages 8 to 12

Dear Youth Leaders,

The Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, in conjunction with Three Chicks Media, is proud to present All Terrain Brain, an exciting multimedia project designed to unleash the entrepreneurial spirit in young people and encourage them to live their dreams. This program is part of the Kauffman Foundation's overall commitment to addressing the extraordinary surge of interest in entrepreneurship education in America.

The Team ATB Activity Guide, DVD, and interactive web site (allterrainbrain.org) will help inspire ’tweens to take their brains “off road” to experience new and creative ways of thinking. As kids discover innovative ways to identify their passions, solve problems, and set goals, they will develop the skills and confidence they need to achieve success. You can help create the next generation of entrepreneurs!

Your work with young people offers them the opportunity to expand their horizons and take control of their futures. Whether it inspires them to take an entrepreneurial path or simply gain a greater understanding of their own abilities, All Terrain Brain will enrich your program—and kids’ lives.


Carl J. Schramm
President and CEO


• Why ATB and Entrepreneurship
ATB Entrepreneurial Concepts
• How to Use This Guide
• Create a TEAM ATB!
• Running TEAM ATB Meetings
• Activity Pathways
Activity Units
• Team ATB Launch: What's an Entrepreneur?
• Be Whatever You Want to Be
• Make a Difference in Your Community, Your Government, and the World
• Create Something Great
• Succeed No Matter What
• Team ATB Wrap-Up: Be An Entrepreneur!
• Web Sites, Books, and Organizations
• Complete List of ATB Videos
• Team ATB Membership Cards
• Team ATB Entrepreneur Award
• Team ATB Bucks


All Terrain Brain (ATB) is a multimedia project designed to encourage kids ages 8 to 12 to take their brains “off road” and tap into their entrepreneurial spirit. Through 25 short videos, an interactive web site, and the Team ATB Activity Guide, ATB helps kids discover they have the power to do whatever they want in life.

Watch the ATB Videos

The 25 fast-paced, music-driven, 1-minute videos, featuring a colorful cast of animated characters, are available on the DVD accompanying this Guide and on the ATB web site. Each video focuses on a key entrepreneurial concept, such as sense of self, strength in individuality, passion, goal setting, problem solving, learning through failure, and more. (See Complete List of ATB Videos)

Check out the ATB Web Site

The interactive ATB web site engages kids with features such as a fun race across the obstacle-filled ATB Fast Track Challenge course, games, puzzles, profiles of real-life kid entrepreneurs, quests, and quizzes to help kids tap into their entrepreneurial spirit. As kids explore the web site they can earn ATB Badges and Bucks.

Use the Team ATB Activity Guide (and DVD)

This 40-page activity guide is designed for youth leaders working with kids ages 8 to 12. It presents a flexible collection of minds-on and hands-on activities that help kids explore the 25 ATB entrepreneurial concepts and discover what it means to be an entrepreneur. The Guide also includes instructions on how to organize and run a Team ATB club and resources to support their efforts, along with a DVD that contains all 25 ATB videos. (Videos are also available online at www.allterrainbrain.org .)